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Lighters are essential to any good smoke sesh. That's why offers a wide selection of different lighter styles so you can find the perfect one for you. Including some of the best lighter brands available including Linse, Blazer, Vector and many more.

GeorgiaGlassWorks through its Dropshipping partner SMOKEA is the exclusive online retailer of Linse Lighters - the world's first pivoting nozzle lighter. Linse Lighters are perfect for lighting bowls and a must-have for any bowl smoker. If you haven't tried out these revolutionary lighters we highly recommend them.

In addition to Linse Lighters, we carry a variety of other pocket lighters including Clipper Lighters and the Ooze Roll N Go that has a secret compartment for a pre-rolled cigarette. For all you dab smokers out there, GeorgiaGlassWorks also offers a wide selection of torch lighters including Blazer and Vector lighters.

Don't like using lighter fluid when smoking your herb? Try out i-Tal Hemp Wick for a healthier smoke.