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Adapters & Converters

The greatest thing about glass on glass joints is the ability to customize your bong or rig to make it fit with any of your favorite ash catchers, reclaimers, or other accessories. Our adapters and converters collection features a wide selection of joint size and joint gender converters along with a variety of glass on glass adapters such as dropdowns, coil chillers, carbon filter adapters and more.

Glass on glass joint sizes and genders can vary between different types of pipes and different glass brands. That's why it's important to have access to a wide selection of adapters and converters. If you have a favorite ash catcher but it doesn't fit your favorite bong, a simple glass on glass converter can make all your dreams come true.

SMOKEA® doesn't stop at selling bongs and pipes, we want our customers to have the absolute best smoking experience every time. With adapters and converters smokers can open up a whole new world of add ons and accessories to make their pipe, and their smoking experience a truly unique one.