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What You Should Know about Glass on Glass Water Pipes and Artistic Glass Pipes

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For anyone looking to purchase an impressively styled pipe, two of the most popular types to consider are Glass on Glass Water Pipes and Artistic Glass Pipes. Unlike some other kinds, these varieties offer users a wide range of smoking experiences, from a more simple and traditional manner to a multi-chamber, bubbler that offers everything from helical smoke chambers to reservoirs for the cooling smoke.

Glass on Glass Water Pipes

Glass on Glass Water Pipes are available for purchase at a number of retailers and are designed to offer users a combination of both function and style. Designed in countless designs and colors, these pipes offer a variety of smoking experiences. At the far end of the spectrum, there are bubblers that contain up to three chambers and contain incredible engineering marvels with helical smoke chambers and ice reservoirs for cooling smoke. On the other end of the spectrum are the simple hand pipes that are not much more than glass tubes, and offer a simple and plain experience.

Some Positives and Negatives of Glass on Glass Water Pipes

Positive: The glass itself does not impact the flavor or the intensity of the experience

Negative: Being glass, the product is breakable

Positive: The glass can be shaped and molded into a wide range of styles and shapes

Positive: Glass on glass water pipes can be colored offering users the ability to choose a pipe that best represents their style.


Artistic Glass Pipes

If you are looking for an impressively designed, and uniquely shaped glass pipe, then you might want to consider buying an Artistic Glass Pipe. Unlike other kinds, these pipes are designed with incredible detail and precision, resulting in stunning pieces. In terms of smoking experiences, similarly to the way that Glass on Glass Water Pipes offers a wide range of experiences, so too do Artistic Glass Pipes. Offering everything from simple pieces to pipes with multiple chambers, and impressive engineering.


Some Positives and Negatives of Artistic Water Pipes

Positive: The unique styles and designs offered have resulted in pipes being sold not only to smokers but also people interested in the artistic side of the product

Negative: Like all glass pipes, the fact that it is made out of glass makes it a breakable product

Positive: The wide range of styles and designs offered.

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