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These Star Wars Smoke Pipes Will Make You Jelly

Star Wars has captured the hearts of viewers from all ages. It’s no longer surprising if you hear someone binge watch the film or watch the entire series over again.

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Water Pipes For Sale an Online Headshop

head shop online headshop Water pipes for ale

It can be difficult to find the right pipe for you, one that meets all of your needs, both in terms of quality and style. Perhaps that is why so many people are turning to online Headshops to find their ideal water pipe. The Growing Popularity of Online Headshops   With more and more people looking to find the right pipes and bongs for them, and their specific wants and needs, the greater the need for an accessible store that provides both great quality and in a variety of shapes, styles and designs. Over the past few years, thanks to the...

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Perks of using Percolators

PERKS☆ Cools down smoke (or vapor)☆ Creates drag☆ Filters smoke further☆ Tons of designs☆ Makes you cooler than your friends Percolators. You know the word, we all do, but you might not know exactly what a percolator is or how much having one -or four- can affect your smoking experience. Put simply a percolator is a sub-chamber crafted on the inside of water pipes, and can be either (seemingly) underwhelming in design or helplessly enigmatic. But no matter how complex, all percolators are quite adept at performing their duty of smoothing your smoking experience. A good example of a percolator that's...

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Color Changing Glass

Color changing glass is one of the most popular styles of glass art. Most people that have had or used color changing glass pipes in the last 35 years have been mesmerized by the beautiful colors we can get to appear out of seemingly nothing. So how is this done? Well I shouldn’t be telling you this, but it’s magic. There it is; the secret is out. Of course I am kidding, sorry. What the ‘color changing’ effect is; is actually a hue created by a light fume or haze either inside or on the surface of the glass. Now...

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Clean Pipes Taste So Good

There is nothing like having a fresh new bowl to pass around with a few friends, enjoying the purest true flavor of whatever you are indulging in at the time. For a while everything is wonderful in the world. But what inevitably happens? The piece begins to get dirty, starts to smell horrible and taste like dirty socks, or at least what I would assume dirty socks would taste like. So what can you do from here? The time will eventually come that a choice has to be made. Either buy a new piece or clean the one you have....

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